Neutraceutical Unit

The brand new Neutraceutical Unit of Galpha, Baddi was commissioned in May 2012 !

The latest addition of state-of-the-art manufacturing facility for Health Supplements (Neutraceuticals), apart from the General Block at Baddi.

Galpha is perhaps the first pharma house to have complied with the FDA regulation of having a completely separate unit for netraceutical products. Planned, designed and constructed to meet all the c GMP parameters in civil and machinery requirements. Provision for future expansion/adoption of latest technology and regulations are also taken care of.

After detailed Inspection by senior authorities, Central Licence has been granted from FSSAI, New Delhi.

The Neutraceutical Unit dedicated to oral liquid manufacturing completes 3 million bottles/day, with bottle size ranging from 10 to 200 ml. With demand steadily on the rise, installation of the second machine is in the process, to double the output to 6 million bottles/day.

Liquid Line

  • Manufacturing vessels equipped with VFD & Bottom Mounted Stirrer
  • CIP system is provided with each vessel.
  • Sugar charging is through vacuumization of vessels.
  • Monoblock filling & sealing machine.
  • Tunnel bottle washing machine.
  • In core areas HVAC System is equipped with Terminal HEPA (EU 13) filter.