Galpha's pharmaceutical division stands by to provide excellent quality healthcare and services for everyone to lead a healthier life. Presently we are into neutraceuticals, oral and injectable antibiotics and pain killers distributing our product range through 26 Depots / C&F & over 1000 Stockists across the country. It is our endeavor to become a major player by the domestic health care market.

As a division we would like to double our market coverage and tapping by the year 2020 to double our domestic turnover so that we can plan to be amongst the top 20 pharma companies in India in the year 2022.

Galpha is trusted for providing excellent quality health care and services which offer best value for money.

Galpha has a trained, committed and dedicated field force of over 500 Representatives and Managers putting in their best to achieve the vision of the division by building brands. Their efforts have lead to considerable improvement in our growth as reflected by ORG.

B-Colen NS Range has also been awarded as the "Emerging brand of the Year" recently and has moved up to position number 4 in the multi-vitamin / multi mineral market. B-Colen NS syrup is also registering highest growth amongst the top 5 brands in that segment.In addition we also have Clanoxy range, Hi-Fe XT range, Rhumacort range, Calbec Softgels, Odicef O range & Odicef Injectable range which are showing good growth.

We intend to expand our Gyneac, Pediatric, Ortho and Physician range by adding line extensions and newer molecules in the respective baskets. As a company we are also seriously looking at acquiring brands / regional companies to accelerate our growth.

We follow a very simple value system that is respect for the individual and his contribution towards organizational growth.

Division offers lucrative incentive scheme to retain and keep the talent motivated for improved performance.


Galpha Healthcare a division of Galpha Laboratories Ltd was launched in October 2014 with an intention of doing justice to the entire brand mix, which was not getting its due, with one trading phase.

Galpha Healthcare is now going PAN India and has a dedicated field force of 135 personnel working across the Country. Focus of the division is on General Practioners, Consulting Physicians, Gynecologists, Orthopedics and Pediatric segments.

Galpha Healthcare would be introducing new brands for the above Specialities, thus contributing to achieve company’s vision.


Galpha Laboratories Limited supply affordable and quality medicines across the globe, regardless of geographic and socio-economic barriers. This ability of ours can be ascribed to our successful portfolio of businesses, geographies and products.

Through our strong manufacturing services supported with highly qualified technical team we attempt to build blocks to produce an organization that manufactures therapeutics for a range of diseases.

We are committed to deliver healthy life to all strata of society and this endeavor of the company is supported by all employees. Motto of the company is to ensure Quality medicines at the most affordable prices.

We are manufacturers and exporters of range of Antibiotics, Multivitamins, Expectorants, Antacids, Analgesics and other general category products.

We aim to further strengthen our basket with specialized drugs like Antiretroviral, Pellets and Nutraceuticals. Today we are on the path of steady growth, striving for expansion into new markets including Europe and Middle East.

Galpha offer following services:

1.Contract R&D and product supply.

To develop formulation as per your requirement Carry out BE studies.
Carry out stability studies.
Develop registration dossier.
File for registration in European countries On registration, manufacture and supply commercial batches.
Analytical development Intellectual property (IP )
Well equipped modern Labs

Contract Manufacturing.

In case of an existing product We can undertake site variation procedure.
Take validation batches.
Generate stability data.
Manufacture and supply the product at competitive prices.

Patent challenge opportunities.

Work jointly on patent challenge opportunities in patented formulation.

2. Dosage forms & Technologies.

  • Film coated
  • Chewable tablets
  • Immediate Release Solid Dosage Form (IR)
  • Sustained Release tablet Technology
  • Dispersible tablets
  • Prolonged release
  • Delayed release
  • Effervescent Technology
  • Enteric Coated Technology
  • Direct Compression Technology

3.Regulatory Affairs.

  • highly qualified regulatory affairs team with masters/bachelors degree in pharmaceutical sciences.
  • RA is well versed with regulatory guideline of all major countries across the globe
  • RA is proficient in compiling of ANDA's, EU - CTD's & e CTD's
  • RA have a deep knowledge of registering the products in Europe through national, DCP, CP and MRP procedure
  • RA is adept at liasioning with various regulatory authorities and prompt in query handling for obtaining timely product approval / Marketing Authorization (MA's)

4.Intellectual property Management cell ( IPMC)

  • Galpha IPMC houses a well qualified and skilled team with technical expertise in pharmaceutics & Chemistry
  • Galpha IPMC is a adept in patentability analysis, filing national & international patent application and in prosecution of filed application
  • IPMC has personnel proficient in infringing analysis & validity analysis of third party patent
  • IPMC is an indispensable support for elucidation of R&D product pipeline and product filing strategies

Our group companies plant approvals

  1. UK - MHRA
  2. TGA - Australia
  3. MCC - (South Africa)
  4. WHO - GMP
  5. Uganda
  6. Malawi
  7. Kenya
  8. Ghana
  9. Zimbabwe
  10. Ivory coast
  11. Ethiopia

Galpha's worldwide operation

Central African Republic
Congo Democratic Republic Of Congo
Ivory Coast
Sierra Leone
Sri Lanka


Institution Division, an extended arm of Galpha, owes its origin to our cherished dream of reaching the medical fraternity with newer & newer healthcare solutions for the ailing masses of our country.


  • To attain leadership in our business plan.
  • To be respected and admired by ailing patients, physician and finally government authorities.
  • To achieve sustained sales and growth with profit.
  • To emerge as a leading integrated domestic pharmaceutical formulation caterer to Government Institutions.


  • To continue to be recognized as a reliable provider of healthcare products and services of international standard.
  • To create and sustain a work environment that values people, promotes learning, nurtures innovations and leads to collective excellence.


  • Commitment for our internal and external customer results
  • Create opportunities for personal and professional growth by developing themselves and others.

In a bid to maximize the realization of our cherished dream & concern towards the ailing masses, today, we have an enviable presence in various therapeutic segments, such as Oral & Injectable antibiotics, Anti-peptic ulcerants, NSAIDS, Muscle relaxants & Anti-helminthics, Hematinics, Intestinal Anti-infectives, Enemas, Digestive Enzymes, Multivitamin- Multimineral formulations & Cough preparations.


Executing meticulous planning and follow through passion about delivering outstanding results continuously, exploring business improvement and growth opportunities. We reach a vast no. of medical professionals through a strong field force spread throughout the length & breadth of our country and meeting to 15000/- members of Medical Fraternity every year. Over a brief period of just about five years, we have a strong foothold in almost all the States of India establishing brand generic range of products in the top most Govt. Institutions. While focusing on appointing more field forces across India, we have also strengthen the required distribution channel at all levels out of firm commitment to excel previous sales record. Rapid increase in number of field force commensurate with the anticipated growth ambition of the institution department. We believe our people are the competitive edge of the department. We value the human capital which is the most precious asset in our department. We believe in transperancy in the system and according process and being devised providing opportunities to learn and grow.


  • Building a deep understanding of our customer and domains.
  • Applying creative / breakthrough ideas for business improvement and growth opportunities.
  • Each one of us is poised for fast growth to make a successful venture and to match with the trend of the expansion of pharmaceutical formulation market.
  • Every year seek the inclusion of atleast 20 to 25 new drugs in their list of Antibiotics, Cardiovascular drugs,  anti Diabetic Drugs, anti TB drugs etc. Considering this, we have strengthen our Institutional marketing to ensure that the benefit reaches the poor and the needy while also been profitable.
  • Institutional marketing has seen an unprecedented growth over the last decade owing to the fact that the overall budget is around Rs. 55.5 billion. Both the Central and State Govt. consider healthcare top most priority and make sure for the allocation of required fund to make adequate funding to this sector. The aim is to cater the needs of the most economically deprived classes in the deep interior of India.
  • The advantages in information technology has helped to make the system more transparent which has paved the way for the more healthy competition causing great attraction among the multinational companies to participate in all variable tenders, reason for us in strengthening the institutional marketing and increase the market share.

We intended to cater the need of our quality products to each and every important Govt. Institutions across the Country within a period of next 2 years. We have the clear cut vision to grab the position between 1-10 among the Companies focusing into Institutional Marketing segment within next 5 years. We have made a policy decision to participate in all the important Govt. Institutions tenders enable the company to take to tremendous heights.

We have a significant presence in Institutional market including Defense establishments and Indian Railway Zones. Dealing with Govt./Institutional/Tender business. Having approved Rate Contracts with ESIC,DGAFMS, GMSD,Different State Govt (Bihar, Assam, Orissa, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana), Govt of National Capital Territory - Delhi, Different Municipal Corporations (MCD - Delhi, BMC - Mumbai, TMC - Thane etc.) Having approval as a vendor for PSU/ Quasi - Govy Institutions like Railways,SAIL Hospitals, HAL, NALCO,BHEL, Various Port Trusts (Mumbai, Vizag etc.) & Different Coalfields (BCCL, WCL, NCL, CCL, ECL etc.). We are also supplying the medicines against various WHO/ NRHM projects.

Today most of the prestigious institutions seek the opinion of the expert committee in finalizing the drug schedule so as to include the latest molecules.

We have confidence to have a dozen of letters of Credentials in our favour issued by the top most Govt. officials by accepting our true and professional services by supply of quality Pharmaceutical Products.

We value the human capital which is the most precious asset in our organization. We believe in transparency in the system and accordingly processes are being devised providing opportunities to learn and grow empowering our department through utmost care as a result of which our attention level are much higher than the industry standards and we are emerging as a preferred supplier in the institutional supplies.

Our vision is to become one among the 10 strong companies in the institutional supplies.

Institution Division is born to Excel & we are on march . . . .


Ecogen Division, an extended arm of Galpha, owes its origin to our cherished dream of reaching the medical fraternity with newer & newer healthcare solutions for the ailing masses of our country.

In a bid to maximize the realization of our cherished dream & concern towards the ailing masses, we have an enviable presence in various therapeutic segments such as Oral & Injectable antibiotics,Anti-peptic ulcerants, NSAIDS, Muscle relaxants & Anti-helminthics, Hematinics, Intestinal Anti-infectives, Enemas, ORS, Topical Dermatological preparations, Hormonal Preparations, Anabolic Steroids, Oral Proteins, Digestive Enzymes, Multivitamin- Multimineral formulations & Cough preparations along with Herbal Preparations like Herbal Massage Oil,Liver Tonics and Uterus strengthening Preparations.

We reach a vast no. of Medical Stores through a Strong Distribution Network.We have spread our wings throughout the length & breadth of our country. Ecogen is the fastest growing Division of Galpha in the last 5 years and we aim to benefit every citizen of the country through it's Quality Medicines at an Affordable Price.

Ecogen is born to Excel & we are on march . . .