Ankleshwar facility is ISO 9001 : 2008


As an effective and efficient drug delivery system, Pellet has come to stay and expected to be used extensively. We have long ago recognised its importance and have gone in a big way to ensure the latest and the best pellet technology is implemented in Galpha.

A few salient points of our Pellet Section

  • HVAC System is equipped with Terminal/Plenum HEPA (EU 13) filter in Pellet manufacturing area.
  • Supply air in Fluid Bed coater is filtered through HEPA (EU 13) filter.
  • Fluid bed coater of 300 kg capacity with VFD control blower.
  • Three spray gun with broad atomizing air line for uniform & fast pelletization.


  • In core areas HVAC System is equipped with Terminal HEPA (EU 13) filter.
  • Filling & sealing under LAF.
  • UV Light installed to prevent bio burden when HVAC system is not working.
  • Filling through Peristaltic pump for getting uniform fill volume.

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