Galpha Laboratories Limited supply affordable and quality medicines across the globe, regardless of geographic and socio-economic barriers. This ability of ours can be ascribed to our successful portfolio of businesses, geographies and products.

Through our strong manufacturing services supported with highly qualified technical team we attempt to build blocks to produce an organization that manufactures therapeutics for a range of diseases.

We are committed to deliver healthy life to all strata of society and this endeavor of the company is supported by all employees. Motto of the company is to ensure Quality medicines at the most affordable prices.

We are manufacturers and exporters of range of Antibiotics, Multivitamins, Expectorants, Antacids, Analgesics and other general category products.

We aim to further strengthen our basket with specialized drugs like Antiretroviral, Pellets and Nutraceuticals. Today we are on the path of steady growth, striving for expansion into new markets including Europe and Middle East.

Galpha offer following services:

Contract R&D & product supply.

To develop formulation as per your requirement Carry out BE studies. Carry out stability studies. Develop registration dossier.

Dosage forms & Technologies

Film coated, Chewable tablets, Immediate Release Solid Dosage Form (IR), Sustained Release tablet Technology, etc

Regulatory Affairs.

highly qualified regulatory affairs team with masters/bachelors degree in pharmaceutical sciences

Intellectual property Management cell ( IPMC)

Galpha IPMC houses a well qualified and skilled team with technical expertise in pharmaceutics & Chemistry

Our group companies plant approvals:

  1. UK – MHRA
  2. TGA – Australia
  3. MCC – (South Africa)
  4. WHO – GMP
  5. Uganda
  6. Malawi
  7. Kenya
  8. Ghana
  9. Zimbabwe
  10. Ivory coast
  11. Ethiopia
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