Galpha Pharma

Galpha’s pharmaceutical division stands by to provide excellent quality healthcare and services for everyone to lead a healthier life. Presently we are into neutraceuticals, oral and injectable antibiotics and pain killers distributing our product range through 26 Depots / C&F & over 1000 Stockists across the country. It is our endeavor to become a major player by the domestic health care market.

As a division we would like to double our market coverage and tapping by the year 2020 to double our domestic turnover so that we can plan to be amongst the top 20 pharma companies in India in the year 2022.

Galpha is trusted for providing excellent quality health care and services which offer best value for money.

Galpha has a trained, committed and dedicated field force of over 500 Representatives and Managers putting in their best to achieve the vision of the division by building brands. Their efforts have lead to considerable improvement in our growth as reflected by ORG.

B-Colen NS Range has also been awarded as the “Emerging brand of the Year” recently and has moved up to position number 4 in the multi-vitamin / multi mineral market. B-Colen NS syrup is also registering highest growth amongst the top 5 brands in that segment.In addition we also have Clanoxy range, Hi-Fe XT range, Rhumacort range, Calbec Softgels, Odicef O range & Odicef Injectable range which are showing good growth.

We intend to expand our Gyneac, Pediatric, Ortho and Physician range by adding line extensions and newer molecules in the respective baskets. As a company we are also seriously looking at acquiring brands / regional companies to accelerate our growth.

We follow a very simple value system that is respect for the individual and his contribution towards organizational growth.

Division offers lucrative incentive scheme to retain and keep the talent motivated for improved performance.